trilingual pun

18. january 2017 at 22:45 | Alie
Oh I doubt one is capable of understanding the way I looked into your eyes
only once, accidentally
and i remember it so precisely
like it was the only thing that had ever mattered like the whole world was dependent on my mind recalling the reflection of smelly grass on your iris
but i looked away so quickly as I was terrified though I wasn't at all, it was the most naked reflex my body could ever make, so unconditional, pure, that It made me more scared of myself than I've ever been scared of you.

And when I see you, my hard jumps, shivers so much I'm panicking it's gonna brake my chest and tear my insides. Yet it's still so pleasurable, so addictive, making me the most dedicated junkie.

I constantly persuade myself that I can't love you. I even write this in a different language to ensure it still feels the same in my head.
Oh dear, I don't fucking love you.
It's impossible to love somebody you've never really talked to.

I adore you.
So much I think I should have written this in French.

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1 Alie Alie | Web | 18. january 2017 at 22:56 | React

pre tých čo to nepochopila tak adore znamena anglicky zbožnovat zatial co francuzsky je to milovať
dobru noc

2 jay jay | Web | 19. january 2017 at 20:11 | React

toto je krásne.
čítam si to asi 5.x a stále
a premáha ma nostalgia

3 humanerr0r humanerr0r | 28. january 2017 at 11:36 | React

aká krásna zmena :)

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